Women on byte

Do yall ever feel like it’s 1 woman for every 10 men in your mix or just me? I mean I love me some dude but sometimes I get tired of seeing the same faces! Also POCs do you feel well-represented?
And also how to fix??
Anywho here are some of my consistent faves I thought I’d shout out:


I think there are obviously more men (mostly white) especially in the comedy genre, but I think a big reason for that is that there aren’t enough/as many women making comedy bytes in general. Though I guess I don’t have any concrete stats on that, but it’s my guess. There’s a similar trend on YouTube with comedy and commentary youtubers overwhelmingly being men and mostly white men. I still love those creators and find them really entertaining, but it’s impossible not to notice the similarities. And though it isn’t anyone’s race or gender that makes me find them funnier or like them more, it is nice to see people that look like you doing well in those areas too. I just hope that over time more women come to byte and make comedy bytes and in general women in comedy gain more respect.


It’d be interesting to see the demographics of consistent byte users honestly. Im curious if there are significantly less women than men using byte and if so then I wonder why. Might change as the app becomes more popular too


Hmm I guess I never really paid attention


Yeah, that was kind of my thought too- that there are just less women on the platform generally. But I also don’t know if that’s 100% accurate. Let’s recruit lol


:sob: let’s give any new women on byte a “Welcome sister!!!” on their first byte​:joy:


I really try and bounce around to every category, so I’m not always found in the comedy category (it’s a mad house). As a black person, I’ve seen maybe a handful of popular black women and maybe less popular men on the popular page- but I know there are black people on Byte (duh). There’s also a bunch of teens and kids that show up on my mix.


Ladies campaign!! Ladies campaign!! Its ladies byte!!! Byte is for the girls now!!!


#noboysallowed :joy:


You have a point. I make an effor to seek out black women creators because I’m constantly seeing white males everywhere and when it’s not white males, it’s still males.


I support other women creators assuming they don’t do the follow and unfollow scammery. I’ve noticed a particular kind of women tends to do that.

I don’t post much to comedy because it is so flooded with aspiring standups.

Even if nothing comes of it can we agree to form a team, club, sisterhood of pants, or moon circle and call it Chick Byt. Pronounced “chick bit”. Cuz here we’re dropping the extra e. We carry enough of the extra work everywhere else! Can you tell I’ve been forced into more household cleaning because of corona?


I agree we need more women creators, and I also think we need more at the top too that get regularly seen. However you can’t exactly force people to start making content either I guess though, so idk what kind of plan could be made to help this :man_shrugging:t2:. I’m sure things will balance out eventually but with that being said, I leave you with the best typo in a review for Byte that I ever saw. :joy:


Hmm yeah good point maybe it’s a matter of seeking out different voices when they’re not showing up in my mix. And switching up the channels I watch since my usual channels are over-saturated like @satturnny said


Not sure if I get this same thing on my end but the female creatives on the app are outstanding. My favourites these past few months have been @nay-yelling @christyonce @Maddy_lions @ConvincingHorse covie @teganbrie arealbro @KaylaGarner darcymillan (seriously people, check her out) @Toughany @idk_annaa poptartpilot @mynameiskawena @allintheory pinks.mdn @cyberweenie KarieLea @kellyyapster ruthhh @aithne @amberoserna moonshinesofineee @Daydreamer cowabunga @satturnny @devynb Roxee @LisaSansouci @stephtaylerlive @radicaltrash TheSheWolf @jellyjhar lapadula @bummercats @wumbologyexpert isabele @Drrhondafail @Staratlas lane @jenandkat @Nicolette @jessfrombyte @Frose9799 @francescaokay @Deadlyknitshade ThatAsianGirl @bails @nina @Dollpower annehaley (INHAAAAAAALES) and of course, @Stephy !

I did previously make a Byte that showcases a few more creatives not on this list. Because honestly, appreciation of creativity from these content creators exceeds what I can type out here.


Thank you😭 and I’m going to check out some of those women I actually haven’t heard about before so thanks for the list!


I can agree there are a lot of females creators out there who are talented, and are just starting get there names out there. I’ve seen a lot on my mix and they have good quality content so I say power to the women!!! :joy:
@DeCool :scream::exploding_head: yOu LiKe mEh CoNtEnT!!
thank you! :heart:


@DeCool Thank you so much for including me in this list - and you’re totally right, there’s so many amazingly creative gals on byte at the moment :relieved:
I think a lot of people tend to frequent the comedy channel (which is mostly guys) more than the other channels, but there’s so much fantastic content in the less saturated parts of Byte!


I am so appreciative of the love! I know I love quite a few of these creators as well, and I’m excited to check out the ones I’m not familiar with yet!


Thanks Demi - I always notice and appreciate people like yourself who visibly make an effort to support women on Byte.

And you’re right, there are many funny and cool women on the app but I think the issue is that they aren’t necessarily the people getting the most traction in terms of numbers. I just had a scroll through the top 50 Bytes in the comedy category as of right now and only 10 were made by women! I highly doubt that only 20% of Bytes in the comedy category are posted by women, maybe some people have an unconscious (or conscious) bias?


It probably does have something to do with unconscious bias. Of course, I can’t speak for everyone but it is nice to at least shine some light on it.