Wishing byte well

What if each year on the day byte gets out of beta we each do a celebratory byte for the platform. It doesn’t have to have any guidelines or restrictions, maybe even a hashtag would do.

Something anyone can participate in and it happens every year! What do you think?



That sounds like a great idea!
However, it’s only been about a month and a half since that happened, so most of us are probably gonna forget what’s been said in the thread by the time we get to one year (I know I’ll forget :laughing:).
It’s a great idea, so try to remember to bring it up again when we get closer to that one year mark (like maybe December or something). :grin:


Agreed but I feel like the devs have a few things in store for byte day. But right now is a bit early like he said to start thinking about that. Stick to your creativity and continue being the best you can be right now and these things will fall into place!


I like the idea – I second any idea your put out @gts8675301 :slightly_smiling_face:


This would be pretty lit, fam :point_up:t5: I’ll be sitting here waiting by the clock until it’s time :seat::mantelpiece_clock: