Will you keep your V2 account a secret?

Okay but then i feel like if i keep it a secret people will eventually find out😂.

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True tho. I kinda just meant if you’ll tell people about your account right from the get go

sounds like a good plan ngl

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I’ll wait till I’ve got my 1 million followers then tell everyone :laughing:

I think I’m gonna be quiet about it but if someone from my school stumbles upon my page then I honestly couldn’t care less lol

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I will more than likely tell my close friends.

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When I had a Vine account it was connected to my Twitter so it was pretty widespread. If the possibily of a straight connection comes I will also do that.

I’m probably going to keep ot a secret aside from a few select friends until I get some content out, but then still keep a seceret from family

Glad u don’t give an f. That’s honestly the best attitude

Oh yea that’ll be good. I’m sure they’ll support u

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Oh yea I wonder if it’ll connect to Twitter. Cuz this time it’s not created by Twitter

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Yea I’m not telling my family either. I may tell some friends as well

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Tbh I’m used to hearing rude remarks about me and others and I’ve gotten used to just blocking out the hate.
but I will definitely tell my closest friends.

Wow that’s very good! Block out them haters :clap:

Yeah unfortunately they don’t know sometimes how to keep an app running financially.
If not, I’ll still make it open probably.

Haha thank you, but it’s not really bravery :slight_smile: I’ve been making videos in the internet for over six years now (and like 80% of that was super cringe content) But I make stuff because I want to share it :slight_smile: and in the hopes that I can make someone smile (cheesy, I know, but that’s a big part of my motivation)

Omg woah 6 years!!! Dats a loooooong time

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Yeah XD I haven’t gotten far for it either, but it’s been a lot of fun and good for personal growth :slight_smile:

Of course I’ll tell my online friends about it, but that’s about it haha. My family thinks this stuff is a big joke anyways, so I don’t even waste my time

Well how big u get on social media isn’t ad important. The main part is that u had fun and grew personally

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