Will you keep your V2 account a secret?

I kinda feel like Imma keep my V2 account secret and not tell anyone I know irl about it cuz it’ll just be awkward. How about u? Do u plan to tell everyone you know about ur V2 or will you keep it a secret like me?

I’ll probably tell my online friends about it tho :smile:


I will tell everyone I know about it (and some people I don’t) just so my content gets some attention for once :laughing:


Tbh even I think the same…I ll not tell my family and friends abt it… It will just be awkward for me

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No, I was really into v*ne so I was v#ning most of the time and my family and friends went crazy sometimes because of it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I’ll tell people about it if it comes up in conversation, but I won’t actively be telling them to check my account or promoting anything irl. I’m not looking to annoy anyone ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I think I’ll only tell people who may find it interesting or people who ask about it.

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I will keep it a secret until it organically comes out in school. Like I want to get big enough to the point where someone from my school stumbles upon my account.


At first probably, until I’ve actually got quite a few things uploaded


Keep it a secret until I reach 10 million, you feel? :joy:


Yeahhh. Ill keep it lowkey to people i know until/if it gets big😆

Wow very brave of u

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Sameeeee it’ll be so awkward

Aweeee I’m glad they support

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Yea. That’s a good idea. I wouldn’t be the person to promote my channel to everyone randomly either

Yea I might do that as well

Omg that will be so iconic

Yea it’ll be awkward to promote an account with only a couple videos. I like ur thinking

Omg :joy::joy::joy: same tho :clap:

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Ima be secretly famous bc barely anyone I know used the old one

Yasssss. You’ll be a V2 legend