Will V2 Work With iOS 9.3?

I still have an iPhone 5s and haven’t updated from this version yet:

  1. Because with each update, the phone gets hella slower
  2. I like having a Jailbreak for my phones themes




Hopefully! Dom has the iPhone X. I wonder if he’s focusing on new models but I hope everyone has a chance to use it. @Dom

I still have the I phone 6 but its on the newest IOS. So hopefully.

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I have a Google pixel 2 but yea I hope it still works on as many devices as possible

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hows the gp2, the ads for it look amazing!

iOS 10+. I’ll look into 9.3 and switch if it’s not too much effort, but there’s a number of things in 10 that we’re counting on currently.


Aha you should’ve updated to 11.1.2 because that jailbreak is coming out soon

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9.3 would be nice, but for me it’s no worries anymore. I caved and updated to 11 and sacrificed my battery lol

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I have an iPhone 6s running iOS 11.2.2 so I’m all good when v2 gets released

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@dom Have an iPhone 6 on iOS 10 should I upgrade to 11?

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I haven’t bothered updating to iOS 11, really want to know if I’ll need to before the app drops :grimacing: