Will V2 have 3D content? - App Designer

So… I’m a curious cat and did my diggin’ and found out who is the app designer (I won’t say his name or tag him, don’t know if it’s allowed or if you guys already know him.) and he’s into 3D content.

I loved his work, his tumblr is fun to watch, many interesting 3D designs, game arts, gifts, apps and more.

So, do you think that V2 could have 3D content? Like… 3D emojis?


I don’t know…if will be allowed, but it sounds pretty cool!

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would be cool for sure :ok_hand:t4:

I really would love to have something in 3D.

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That would be super cool to see!

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That would be amazeballs :smiley:

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That would be So Cool!
Would definitely raise the bar for this already amazing app!

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I would :heart: to be able to post 360 video content :smile:

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yEAHH many talked about this and as far as I know you need a 360 camera to do it. Or buy something for an iPhone, I can’t remember its name.

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Right, I have a camera…just wondering about the cabability of the app. I will go check out the other posts, though! Thanks! :smile:

I love his work. Especially his website design :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

LOL it’s my favorite word.

It could use those new weird moving emoji like in IOs, then again I have a feeling v2 can get snapchat style face filters. Who knows? :thinking:

That would be great!!

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that would be very cool, I agree!

It would be very cool. Just wondering how you would be able to make a 6.5 second 360 video haha. Would be very creatively challenging

360 6.5 videos might be nice, hard but nice!!

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That would be nice but confusing