Will V2 Get Saturated?

Let’s Be Honest… We all want to make a name for ourselves on V2, I mean WHY WOULDN’T YOU!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So with all the new competition, does any one think there’s a possibility of V2 becoming super flooded with people aiming for the top spot? :sunglasses:
In my opinion i don’t think V2 could ever be saturated but comment your thoughts?


I think with anything where their is fam and money to be gained from something especially when it’s so easy and quick to gain access to there will always be people reaching for that top spot. And with that will come competitions and rivalrys but that will come with anything, as long as the main focus for the app is to bring others closer, explore and expand on others creativity then the app would have done itself justice and go far


Possibly, I guess only time will truly tell

Saturated in what sense? That is filled with users, I hope so!

That the servers are saturated and fall? I do not think so, they are professional programmers with many backup and command servers.

I know there was an issue with popular Vners revning other popular Vners, which resulted in an endless loop of popular contributors always being the “Recommended” or “Trending” artist. I hope it doesn’t turn into that. I’ve always thought any type of broadcast yourself app should have an algorithm that only chooses contributors and artists below a certain number of views/subscribers to keep the pool fresh.

If you’re good at what you do, people will seek you out and repost your art, you don’t need the top spot because your fan base will keep you circulating.

Just my two cents.

Kane out.


Most Likely, but just wait and see

people who aren’t on the forums will definitively flood v2. Let’s try to keep it from becoming a cesspool like musical.ly. I don’t hate musical.ly, but it’s an issue…

Since it would be an app that could be a starting point for some, and basically a place to grow, expand, become famous or at least gain some recognition, its likely . :slight_smile:

I kinda have a feeling that there will always be a large group of users trying to fight for the top spot with any social media platform. Since V2 is gonna be poppin once it releases I have no doubt that people are gonna do whatever it takes to fight for the top.

Hopefully not. I mean if it does get as big as either twitter or instagram, there might be chance