Will V2 Gain More Users than SnapChat?

Leave Your Thoughts down below.

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Maybe, The Sky is the Limit.

I think it will, the hype for v2 is crazy, and the platform gives people a chance to make content that’s not on youtube or ig

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yeah, People are waiting for it.:sunglasses:

I think so, Snapchat gets boring and it’s only for a young audience. V2 is much more dynamic and broad in age.

I hope it does tbh

More than Snapchat? No way. Snapchat has over 170 million daily users. That’s something that’s really hard for any new social media to beat especially just starting out. Maybe in time it’ll be somewhere semi close to that number but I doubt it. I kind of liked that Vine was smaller and more connected. I’m hoping V2 will be the same.

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Yes! Because v2 is the bomb dignity duh

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I hope so

Right now I make stories for Snapchat that I’d much rather put on V2, so I will probably switch over entirely.

I feel like it might, it’s got a lot more hype going into it because we all know that vine was incredible. I’m guessing most vine users will probably use v2, as well as all the people who missed out on the original vine.

There’s a possibility that it might as time goes by, but anytime recently I don’t think so.

Personally I never really liked Snapchat. It got old pretty fast.
V2 will need some time to grow but it should get big fairly quickly. And hopefully stay running!

The hype is insaaaaannneeeeee