Will v2 feature linking to other sites?

So there’s no doubt that everyone has at least a handful of social media accounts and whatnot, so for instance:

If someone posts a YouTube video link on Facebook, it is on a lower priority than videos uploaded directly to FB in peoples feeds. That’s because FB is trying to compete with YT. Also, Instagram only allows hyperlinks in one specific area in your bio, leaving links in posts dead.

Simply put, I don’t like that. So will artists have the ability to link to other sites on their profiles or bio, and more importantly: can we link to other sites in our posts? I feel like that selective hyperlinking creates a disconnect and a very blatant look into the company’s goals (make money, get zucc’d) and that’s not fair to the people on that site.

So all in all, will I be able to promote a YT video via a post on v2
[Obviously not my sole intent for the platform, but if I have a video that is longer than 6 seconds, I can’t post it to v2 :((]


spam is the main issue, but I promise we’re going to be a lot more open on this than instagram/fb


Lost it at get zucced :joy:

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I feel like 1 link per post, the ability to report spam links/posts, and moderators (or something similar) would help curb that issue pretty well. Plus whatever ideas others might have.

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agreed but it would also expand community and user interaction if the other way around

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I didn’t think of that honestly. I feel like there could be a happy medium though. The ‘link in bio’ option wouldn’t be too bad if I had to choose a lesser evil.


A good ol’ “link in bio” should do the trick, in my opinion.

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Sounds like a good idea

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