Will V2 Be Strict?

I totally miss the original Vine because of the GENUINELY funny posts I would see. As Instagram has become the superior platform, they have cracked down on inappropriate humor/content. I rarely see posts on Instagram that make me laugh. I hope that V2 is not the same way. I can understand being strict on frontal nudity but other humor should be allowed. Please don’t make this like Instagram @dom. Can we have some clarification on this?


well damn, you know the society nowadays. it is pretty hard not to offend anyone in 2018 :joy::sweat_smile:


That’s so true, Instagram is kind of just filled with corny videos and moderate videos. V2 shouldn’t allow innapropriate content (like porn) but it should allow content that is “rated mature/18+”


I think they have to be a bit strict, so they don’t get in any trouble and get their app shut down or anything

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Original Vine wasn’t too strict on these things so i’m not sure how much their TOS will change along with the new release of V2. With minimal effort you could find self-made porn on Vine, sometimes you’d just stumble upon it. Mainly on arab accounts.

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Here are some posts discussing this topic:


That’s why I believe it’s almost imperative that ■■■■■■ is strict. Kids shouldn’t be exposed to any of that if it is possible that it could just be stumbled upon. Then again, ■■■■■■ could flop if it’s too strict on it’s uploaded content. It’s a difficult decision on their part.

I totally agree with this, there needs to be a crackdown on the posting of porn, AND there needs to be a lot less cyber bullying, as seen on many other social media accounts.
There should be more moderators checking comment sections etc.

I feel that there should be an age limit. What is the worst that could happen? Kids already listen to their idols swear on YouTube for hours.

Yes, the comment sections. No social platform really monitors the comments.

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Agreed, plus this will allow content creators to keep on creating without the need of feeling punished of what they’re making, unless it is totally wrong.

Well, flagging comments for moderators to review would be effective. Not just deleting a comment because it has a swear word in it. Maybe if the comment were to be removed, the user who commented that would receive a suspension based on the severity of the comment.

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Agreed. I think this is true

I believe they’ll be more on the lookout

Dom has stated he does not want the community to be toxic whatsoever

I think he said it on the forums or Twitter not sure

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Agreed. Instagram has cracked down on a lot of things. They are out for blood!

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I just hope this doesn’t end up how instagram did

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this will be a large mountain to climb but I believe it can be done. Everywhere else has just become so toxic. The most positive of videos will receive some of the nastiest comments. I’m hoping this new app will address that.

There is no easy way to prevent nasty comments or people from cyberbullying as long as social media is open to the public. It’s an unfortunate reality when you get lots of people from different backgrounds all in one place. There will always be a-holes. :slight_smile:

What needs to be in place is better moderating than Vine had, so that people who do engage in a pattern of bullying are quickly warned then banned if they continue.

But, as some mentioned, if taken too far this can have a chilling effect on creativity and some forms of humor. This started happening on Vine where some people who were creating twisted but creative Vines were being banned. I posted more about this in a good thread on this topic:

V2 should have an age limit, as Vine did. If parents let their kids on social media without any kind of oversight, then that’s their fault if their kid sees something they think kids should not see. Making everything “kid safe” will mean the content will be bland and juvenile and completely uninteresting to most adults.

I definitely agree with what others have said above regarding pornography and cyberbullying - those shouldn’t be tolerated, in my opinion, but I don’t think everything else needs to be quite as strict. People get offended by everything these days, and that makes it increasingly difficult to create original content in the comedy genre. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

It shouldn’t be strict. Porn and stuff shouldn’t be allowed, however it should be able to be the exact same as how vine was. Cyber bullying won’t happen unless you allow it to happen. Most people who complain about being cyber bullied don’t block the other person, they keep responding to the other person, etc… then they claim that they’re innocent and were taken advantage of. Also, who cares what kids are exposed to nowadays. Kids nowadays have phones at the age of 7. I’m sure that the majority of us knew what porn was Waaaaay before we were of the legal age, so it really isn’t that big of a deal. Now ofcourse something like a video of someone getting their head chopped off should be banned, but we don’t need to make this app constantly PG. There is an app called youtube kids for that type of stuff.

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