Will v2 be short lived?

Sorta like other apps. The hype will be crazy at first, then people will lose that special connection. When v2 comes out, it needs to be on the news so more people will come, more people will stay.


I think it’ll be like before, but with a little more appreciation. People understand how important vine was and how it effected them more than ever now.


it will last at least two years


I believe Don and team working on v2 will fix the mistakes that happened on V*ne and then, v2 gonna be the best version! (I REALLY HOPE IT HAPPENS)


Im sure there will be moments where it gets unpopular but I’m sure the community will keep creating new trends and content to keep the app running at least…I Hope :grimacing:


V2 will be successful and last for long


I doubt that, people are so hyped to be on an app like this so it will last a long time

Yeah. I’m glad it’s getting a second chance.

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Yeah, makes sense!

I do want this to last. It will prove how updated it is compared to vine, and maybe that will encourage people to believe that its a worthy app

I love this idea, but vine is about short video…

Is the live going to be short? loololololo

I hope it lasts for a while cause too many people have waited too damn long for this :tired_face:

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When it first releases it will be crazy then it will die down a little, it happens with everything. But I think a lot of people will stay and continuously create content.

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They’re having daily meetings on how to make it last and what to implement. They need a good model on how to monetize as v!ne just wasnt working in that matter.

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The reason why Vine died is because Twitter let it die. There are a lot of people who appreciate vine and if Twitter isn’t involved with v2 and videos are monetized. I know a lot of top creators left because they wanted money for their content.


No… This time dom is ready nd v2 will be there for a long time

V2 will last way to longer as you know how last one was. It was all okay until it got closed. This app can lighten your future.

I think if there are good creators, it will last and become as vital as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Just think of how much you missed v*ne after it was gone. Now that we know how important and unique these apps are, we know how much we appreciate them

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I will use it for a long time. I could spend hours a day on v*ne. :laughing:

Well, I disagree. As the Vine app closed, many were upset, and this will bring so much attraction back. Plus so many people are already hyped, which will keep them on the platform for longer.