Will v2 be better than the original Vine?

Vine was honestly iconic & i was so sad to see it go. but it seemed as if a lot of people didn’t use the app when vine was on its last days… do you think that v2 will be better, worse, or the same?


Better. We have a chance to fix all the bad things about the original.


Only time will tell.

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I expect there to be a large influx of users in the first few weeks, hopefully enough captivating content is created to keep it from drying out. No one really knows what will happen, but there is a large amount of people eager to try it out.

Let’s just hope the excitement doesn’t counteract what we want it to do.

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There are some other threads that mention this, too; be sure to join those conversations, too!

*no links, but be sure to search for them :blush:

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in my eyes it will be pretty hard to beat, but we can only hope it’ll be better.

I mean it’s called the sequel for a reason, but then again not all sequels come out great :sweat_smile:

Here’s to the best one in 2018 :pray:

Hopefully It’ll be the Empire Strikes Back off the vine apps :grin:

I think it will be better as it has so much audience input into creating the app. It will be custom to what we like and I think it will be amazing

i have high hopes

back and better than ever

yaa i think it will be better because we have seen what happened with vine so we can avoid it v2.

Since Dom is the creator of V2 I have faith. The man has made many successful apps.

I think some fans of vine will find it perfect and way better than the original and other fans of vine will hate it, no matter what v2 becomes I’m sure audience opinions will be divided

I’m hoping better, but we won’t know until it comes out :wink:

but i believe that it will be great and be successful.

It should be better. Learn from what went wrong with the original app and see if, we as a community, can make it better.

Yes, I honestly think ■■■■■ is going to blow up and be better. We have a chance to fix everything. Vine was just completely messed up. Everyone only went to all the bigger accounts… and didn’t care about the other accounts that has less followers. Hoping this will make everything better.

if it isnt i finna blow up my $34012 Gaming PC by playing PUBG at high it would take out half the US.