Will V2 be as successful?

Hey yo guys!!!
I keep going back to the same question. As most people on this forum, I AM HYPED for the app to come out!!!But will it be as successful as the official app???

What dyou think???


v2 is an official app … but, yes! I really believe that the success will be greater than that of the vine, since now we have big pages where they post memes (the chances of a video of v2 becoming a meme is too great, and even more when that meme is shared in several social networks) and now we also have the YouTube “react”, many famous youtubers will make videos reacting to v2 videos, which in this case I call loops (v2 videos = loops) and when youtubers make videos reacting to the loops they will be releasing v2 and so many people will download…
now just join the old users of the vine that surely miss the vine (just search for “best vines” on youtube and you will find videos from 1/2 months ago with more than 500k views)
people will return to v2 with the hope of getting the fame they did not get in the vine, since this is a new chance …
well, in my opinion v2 has everything for to be among the top 5 social networks, along with facebook, youtube, twitter and instagram (yes, I think v2 will surpass the snapchat in question of popularity) is what I think…

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i really hope so too. @vtor explained it pretty well, it has all the factors of being a top social media app.


I hope V2 will be super fun like the original was, but I don’t know how to get on here except through my email? Do you know an easier way?

thanks @Reallyahmed

Look how many people still come back to the forum everyday… Iknow we obviously can’t see it but it’s quite a few. Look how many ppl are following the twitter account, with little info abt v2 releasing… I think v2 is going to do great, because everyone’s too hyped up about it.


I think its gonna be amazing. we just need to post great funny content. not old vines…


Yes, the buzz went around insanely fast when dom posted the first initial v2 logo. Tons of people who are not on this forum are just waiting and waiting for the day where v2 shows up in the app store.

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I hope that, I think that V2 will be very successful and famous

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Yeh I agree with all of you
Thx guys!!!

I think so. It’s already got a lot of hype, a lot of backing by social media stars and a possibility of fame.

The people from Vine have come so far, some of them are like pop singers. Wouldn’t be surprised to see history repeat itself

Yes it will be, so many people want vine to come back

Hard to say, personally I believe it will, vine was popular yes but the support (or lack of it) to creators just caused it to fail and then after that bad decisions were made. Many people including myself started making content just before the app shut down so are now waiting to have a chance early on with v2.