Will there be another signup forum?

I missed the 2nd signup forum by just a smidge! Is there gonna be another opportunity to be put on the list or was that the last chance?

Yes, And also please use the search bar and check if a post like this was already made.



Its not a signup forum its a beta sign up and there will be other opportunities to sign up for it if you missed it


i wonder how many more beta invites are there gonna be? and how many people is dom looking to have on the beta

I think yes

I think there’s probably around 2k signups if you combine the results of last signup to this one, and not everyone will be picked. A lot of people came the day of, and other people might not meet the other requirements that need to be met. If you take all of those people away, Then you have a lot less people.


yep perfect deduction

You’re making me nervous.

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He’s right though

ya, i know, but just nervous about not being part of the beta.

I hope there will be at least one more because I started reading the forum withing a couple weeks of it starting, and I really want to get on.

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