Will there be another Concept like Camp Unplug?

I liked the videos viners made while at the shooting and was wondering if the new creators from v2 will get the same chance to do something like that.


What’s Camp Unplug?


Was Unplug done through Vine officially?

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Yes, and holy cow I would love to see @Dom and his team make a similar concept. I know we have at least one expirenced writer on this site somewhere and a bunch of us have acted before!! I think we should make a feature length film to celebrate the one year aniversary of V2 coming out (so like in 2019 presumably)


That would be so good, one year anniversary seems about the right time to do this

It was a vine series, with a lot of viners all making one series, as far as I understand.

Oh that’s nice, what a way to expose yourself and meet other artists!

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Yes i think

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That would be great! But I don’t want it to be like V2 would pick the popular people. There should be really hard requirements that most people won’t actually do, so the people that do so it, can be like a finalists.

What’s camp unplug? :purple_heart:

Some viners that ranged from millions to thousands of followers got together to make sort of like a short “movie” but it was cool to see them come together as one and create something great. Go to vine’s YouTube channel and then the video will be there. The requirement thing I like too, it should be strict and fair to everyone.

i hope so camp unplug wold be really fun to be part of

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That was so cool I hope they bring it back

I didn´t know about this but it sounds interesting

Omg camp unplug was funny

late to this but i would 100% LOVE to see a similar concept like Camp Unplug happen on Byte. Honestly it was amazing seeing some of my favourite creators in the same place and something i WISH i could’ve experienced :’)