Will there be another chance to get beta sign ups other than the Oct 8th post?

Hey @dom

I missed the Oct 8th post but would love to still be considered for a beta signup. I’ve been here since January 13th :slight_smile: and I was a content creator on the original vine app and would love to get a head start on making people laugh.

Thank you!


i’d like to see this too


yeah me too!

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There will be a second wave for beta but that might come a little bit later as the first wave doesn’t have there invites yet lol


Just be really active! That way, we can be sure that help is wanted :grin::grin:


I hope the first wave gets released soon so then second wave can happen in January

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I hope, because I joined the forum 3 days ago, and when I saw there was a beta sign up and I missed it, I was pretty sad

Yeah, I also want to see what some other newer people can do!

i.e.(active ones, not like 10 min. activity accounts)

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That’s a good idea.