Will there be a limit for how many hashtags an Artist can use in a post?

Instagram only allows 30 hashtags for example. It’s going to be extremely importamt to choose wisely if there is a limit on hashtags. I want my content to reach as many different people as possible, especially if they are searching for a certain type of content that I’m providing.


Yeah, sometimes hashtags are just extra… I hope they find a good middle ground


Maybe. That’s true; you’d have to pick wisely.

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I remember the good ole days of instagram when the limit was around 100 somethin. Things would hit the explore page soooo fast :joy:.

Limits are definitely needed to limit spam. There are a lot of threads talking about hashtags, but I think this is the first one to talk about a limit. You should switch this to ideas and future requests for specifically limiting hashtags to see if @dom has already included this feature.


I kinda hope there will be a limit cuz if there wasnt spam accounts will just load up on hashtags and there will end up being random videos in the wrong categories (i.e. a fan edit in the comedy section)


I think it should be limited, most people will abuse it especially considering this is a new app.


Instagram allows 30 hashtags but only the first five contribute positively to the algorithm. Once you use more than 5 hashtags your post is less likely to show up on people’s feeds at all.

TBH i would be fine with only 5 hashtags. What i want the most though would be transparency around hashtags and the algorithm.


I remember seeing some posts where people were like:

‘Just finished working out. #gym #workout #work #out #practice #building #weights #strong #liftweights #lift #heavy #heavyobjects #objects’.

then you’d get the occasional hashtag where people want more exposure so they’ll throw in a quick cheeky ‘#beyonce #ladygaga #chrisbrown #beyoncedies #obama #instagram:joy:

I think the limit should be like, 10, then as the app expands increase it to 20.


I hope that you’ll be able to hide the hashtags so thy don’t get in the way of your post.


I think that it will be that limit

I don’t really use hashtags cause they’re just used to get more views, & sometimes I like it, but it’s like buying views IMO

I hope the limit is quite a low amount, so many people on insta put loads of irrelevant tags

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Hashtags just help get it into different categories without having to stray away from your main categories, or that’s how I see it… it’s cool and stuff but it clutters a caption.

yeah same i want people to see my vines and if you put good hashtags people like it might go viral or go on the trending page

The limit should be 5. It’s good practice to use no more than about 3-4 on Instagram.

That might sound restrictive but if everyone has to play by the same rules, it’s 100% fair.

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