Will The Challenges Return?

idk about anyone else but I really miss the daily hashtag challenge videos. I know it kind of fell apart when the woman day thing happened… however, it really brought the people of Byte together and spawned some great videos. Please bring it back.


I’d checkout TheLNBB for weekly hashtags :100:


I really miss the challenges too. I really hope they return.


they were very cool


It really made people get creative and come up with some cool stuff.

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Since you are a moderator how do you add a poll to this comment thread ? Or do I have to create a new thread. The poll I want created is should byte bring back hashtag challenges.
Yes or No

You cant make a poll in the comments, so you would need to make a new thread, or get @gopysyk to add a poll…

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Why don’t you make a poll asking who thinks the hashtag challenges should come back and I bet it would overwhelming say yes. I would add one to the thread but I cant . Also tag dom in it so he will see it. @gopysyk


OOOF NVM U CAN MAKE IT IN THE COMMENTS. LMAOOOOOO Discourse must have been updated or something lol. Sorry!

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Are there trending hashtags? Automatically populating them based on popularity would be nice. Like other apps do.


We use to have that feature (for a short period of time), but it was unfortunately abused as soon as the feature was available. I honestly miss it though. I really hope that they bring it back.

If they decide to try this again and bring back the trending hashtags, I think that instead of removing the feature altogether if someone abuses it, I think that it would be better to just remove the hashtag from the list of trending hashtags of the person/people that are trying to abuse it. That way the people (or person) that are abusing it get punished and not the people that are using it the right way.

Bringing the trending hashtags would be a good way for the byte community to have easy ways to come up with trending topics together. (#ByteBall was a good example of this)

Having the challenge channels were good too because they were creative thought up ideas that everyone could participate in and they were a good source of inspiration for Byters that may have had writer’s block.

So I agree, bringing back the challenges as well as the trending hashtags would be a good move for the Byte team. :pray: :blush: :pray:


There aren’t trending really, but if you go to hashtag search and type #, you’ll get some of the recently “popular” used hashtags. Popular is very loosely used here because hashtags are underutilized so some people dominate the hashtag page by # on their own posts sometimes.

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I enjoy those a lot too but every time this post comes up I say the same thing. They are fun but they are not as good as a trend naturally popping up within the community. TheLNBB does a weekly hashtag event that a handful of us play along with, but it would sure as hell be a lot more fun with more people putting in their contributions.

Aside from that, if you want an organic trend to pop up, make sure you put a hashtag in your content and invite people to put their own spin on your idea. If you see one you like, pile on your own videos into the hashtag.

There is very little circulating around right now but all of us on the forums know each other. Once a handful of us get a few videos out with a hashtag, and we find one that eventually everyone wants to give a try, it’s going to snowball into giving this app some life.

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Oh yeah lol. I forgot about that whole thing


Yep, it was here and gone so quickly. I really hope that they bring it back though. That feature was simple, yet really awesome!


Those challenges were really fun to be apart of