Will teams interfere with solo creators?

Hey! I wanted to know if having yourself in a team doesn’t instantly put you above other people. Some people don’t have opportunities to join teams, and others simply don’t want to. I think the only algorithmic(if you could describe it that way) advantage that team members should have is that they cross-promote each other with it. I don’t want recommending for teams to be any different than recommending for solo artists. @dom plz see dis :cowboy_hat_face:


damn i hope teams dont get any special treatment than single ones


If it’s is based off of algorithms wouldn’t it naturally put trans together because they would make somewhat similar videos? But I think it should recommend people not teams and it should obviously be based off of likes and things you view…

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If you are in a team you will get more opportunities to get known

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Which might be difficult for people if you can’t be in a team / don’t want to be in a team