Will “Pages” be coming back?

In light of the 16 second byte update…

Will the “Pages” feature be coming back for another beta test?

This feature was also met with a lot of pushback, but may be better received after the 16 second video test. It keeps the short format most crave on each “page” but also creates a longer narrative between the “pages” linked together.

I wasn’t super warm on “Pages” at first, but it was something my mind raced to once I downloaded the recent beta update.

Anyways, just a thought I had… I’m interested to see how 16 second bytes play out and how long the test will last.


What is pages, mind elaborating?

Pages was essentially bytes that you could post as one post. The limit was 10. Basically, you could have 10 six second videos in one post and you could flick through them.

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Dom mentioned it yesterday somewhere in the 16 second Byte announcement yesterday

this just think of carousel posts on instagram

Lol, nvm to Pages. Don’t wanna watch through hella :sweat_smile:

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It was interesting, ngl. Made it clunky to use though.

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Totally missed that trying to read through the 1753629 posts under that thread… :laughing:

Either way, it’s essentially just the same thing as 16 seconds, just broken up. And yes, it’s like IG…

This was just a thought I had when the update dropped, considering we were upgraded to 8 seconds only 2 weeks ago.

I remember that @herb made a great byte using the Pages feature when it first released and it still comes to mind…


oh yeah no worries lol i just saw it scrolling by last night by chance honestly

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I remember Carson and nay.yelling’s posts. They were cool.

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