Will new stars rise from V2?

Do you guys think that V2 will give new artists the ability to grow a fan base or will it just be overrun by old original stars


If you want my honest opinion, I feel like old viners will try to get back to the top using their current social media but because dom is working so hard to make sure they aren’t hogging the app, it’ll open doors for people like you and I. :smiley:


Personally I don’t believe former comets like Liza Koshy, the Pauls etc, will even use V2 they simply don’t need to, I assume some content creators on YouTube who have a decent size fan base will definitely check this out and probably start off with the larger audiences but eventually new people will get their own fan base and start to rise to the top


New apps are new visions for different people, new goals and I believe different people will be using V2. The community is extremely diverse

Mark my words…

A new generation is coming.


No doubt that there will be new stars.

Im sure social media stars will hop onto V2 and some will get a big following on the app

But with that being said it doesn’t mean a new group of people can’t grow a huge following as well. So I say don’t lose hope and just post content that you are proud of and people will follow as a result

They will definitely be possibility, we are active on this and we wanna create content, plus most old viners wont come back to the app

NEW STARS WILL BE BORN!:joy::laughing::blush: a lot of people will rise


I think old stars are going to show up and it would be cool too, but i think it will beter if new artist have the opportunity to grow in there too… so i think yes we (the new artist) will have a chance.

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I definetely think new stars will rise and I’m glad because I’m getting tired of the same old people on every platform

New Stars will rise for sure