Will my new phone affect my chances of being on the beta?

Around 4 months ago, I had an Android, which has since been broken. I decided to switch to an iPhone (which is relatively new as I purchased it today). Although the list is not out yet, I want to be sure that if I am on the beta, will my phone brand switch affect my chances of accessing the actual app?


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I wouldn’t think so seeing as iPhones are better and you’re changing your phone, not the username.


Thank you

an iphone being better does not increase her chances of being in the beta but yeah she will definitely get into the beta

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Dont think thats what alex meant vic

But i’d assume that the “device” part of the thread was just for interest and doesn’t really matter


Delta bb you get me


I think dom just wanted to get an idea of what phones the app would have to cater to in the beginning. I don’t believe he’s taking note of each user along with their device, if that makes sense.


I’m glad to see these responses, because I’m in the same boat as you Annam. I signed up for beta with an Android, but I have an iPhone 6s now, lol. :joy: I figured quite a few people might have switched phones since October too, maybe got a new one for Christmas, etc.

I think it will be okay too, especially since in cami_p’s last post, she said, “People who signed up within the first window will get invites to the first phase.” I noticed she didn’t differentiate between devices or people getting beta at different times depending on which device they used. Hopefully this will be confirmed though. :smile: :+1:

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I was almost in the same boat, but I’m keeping my Andriod for an additional year before I switch to an iPhone.

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