Will loops for each post be counted and total showed on users page like v***?

I was wondering will the looping system they had present on vine where they live counted loops for each post and the total loops showed on users page be on V2 also??


not sure. loops changed things quite a bit. would like to hear more thought about this.


Doesn’t sound bad.

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I don’t think that showing loops is a bad thing. It isn’t absolutely necessary, but I think it would be ok if it was present on V2.


I think loops was one of the things that helped Vine really stand out as a social media platform.

I would certainly love to see it implemented in v2!


Loops should stay. It was specific to vine and didn’t really do anything but it was a cool feature.


The loop count was a bit confusing, can someone explain? Like it wasn’t necessarily views exactly, or was it?

Let’s definitely have loops show up.


Personally, I thought the loop count was a great feature, and I hope it returns


i loved the loop counter actually, it gave people a sense of accomplishment and showed user engagement very nicely


I remember the first vine I had hit 100 loops. I felt like the shit :joy:

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Was not a huge fan of the loops counter/feature. Maybe it would be improved with an additional number- unique viewers.

Example: 234K loops by 150K unique viewers (234K/150K)


@Gminnie05 THIS

@dom you can call them VLEWS/VLOOP, I don’t know but we definitely need something to count the views or followers, otherwise people aren’t going to enjoy it :neutral_face:

I think a view or loop should be counted as a ‘like’

I personally prefer the loops. Likes and comments aren’t always an accurate representation of how many people watch my stuff. I know I’ve watched plenty of content and not liked because I was just browsing through. I could go for the total loop count too, but could go without it if I need to.

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I see possible problems with this in that people like posts because they think it is funny/etc. and want to be able to look through their likes to find it again. I know I don’t like everything I watch, and this could become an issue if something of bad influence or negative content goes viral and we see hundreds of thousands of likes.

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Loops give Vine and most likely V2 it’s look tbh


I think it’s cool to have that thing of the loops, it’s improtant to see how many persons do you reach

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