Will large companies ruin byte?

I was thinking, and I’m kind of wondering how a takeover by large companies will be prevented. Youtube is facing a problem right now because it rewards content creators who post content that is refined and constant, which is something that a large company such as BuzzFeed has an easy time doing, but independent creators have a harder time doing, so it’s being taken over by large corporations, and it has become harder and harder for independent creators to gain a following So I was wondering if there is anything planned that might prevent this from happening on Byte.


Assuming Business accounts will exist on the app, there could be a filter separating them from main creator content. Same with TV programs, and others among that field.


That’s something that I think is unstoppable. Youtube or any other app has no saying on that as the company is the channel and their employees are the content creators who upload on the channel. It would be different if every content creator had their own channel and there was a way for BuzzFeed to re-upload or repost their videos into their channel.

They don’t, as far as I know.

You bring up a really good point here. I think it’s not a matter of “large companies ruining byte” and more of a “will byte operate in a way that favors large companies over creators” kind of thing. We don’t want the little guys to be screwed over.


good question

You can choose not to follow and ignore companies on the app. If you’re talking about making the little people grow then that might be the same as :vine: i think it was called editor’s pick/choice which they choose a small creator to be featured on the homepage so Dom might add that onto byte.

Dom is smart enough to ensure that the app favors the creators rather than big companies


Well ik it can be cutthroat for big companies like it can ruin byte tbh

This is always a tough question. Companies can really help apps grow and develop by providing more funding and opportunities. However, once a company owns and runs an app, they can also do whatever they want. That could mean ignoring the community and creators and making changes people don’t want. A simple example of this is Vine, but a more complicated example of this would be Google buying YouTube.

as stated before by other users, the most prominent thing about companies owning services is their money. for example, google and youtube. if any of you remember the old youtube, it was clunky and ill-loved. then google came around, re-imagined the interface and the programming behind it. of course this is common when it comes to companies purchasing services, but it can be fatal to the service.

twitter purchased vine and ultimately didn’t know how to expand it to the point of their profit which led to it being shut down.

Byte in this sense will be extremely unique because it’s founded by an individual who already has the company and the solo experience necessary to create the app. of course theres going to be competition between Byte and other apps such as TikTok, and Lasso but the sheer experience dom has already with this field will provide us an extra advantage.

not to mention, who do you think an experienced creator/artist would rather work with? a company focused on making money for themselves, or an experienced social media entrepreneur who knows how to support creators?