Will it have tours/conventions?

Will the artists be able to go on tour with other artists all sponsored by the app?
Just to bring out the talent in everyone. Like the singers, dancers, actors, rappers, and other talent.


We have talked about having a convention, or a V2Con on another thread that I will link below if you want to check that out, but aside from that, what would they be doing on tour in your opinion?


Probably not and not sponsored by the app. If anything pop ups at large media events. Maybe down the road a company would pay a few small artists to come together and make content.

What would the general point of a tour be though? Shows, discussions, what? And do you think many people would actually attend this?

like the cool stuff. it will bring the talent in the actors to life. like the singers, actors dancers, many more talents, maybe even the undiscovered ones.

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it should have its own unique name. like “v2 the way” or some thing cool that would brand it.

Bigger just seems to bring out the worst in many. That basement/ backyard poster is the heart of the app, not the 18 year old boys running around the country whipping 13 yr old girls into an apoplectic frenzy at some ‘con’.

Tours/conventions would be really cool if they brought out talented people.

Tours would be amazing!! And what about a event called V2con or something like that


I think that if the app gets popular then we definitely will have a tour like music.ly artist do or viners did in the past. But they’ll not be sponsored by the app.

Someone probably already shared this but Vinecon or V2Con?

Ya. that would make sense