Will it be same for Android?

Will the app be the same for both platforms? I am a dedicated Android user, and have found we never get the same treatment as IOS. Will there be more equality for the users or is it going to Apple gets everything, and android will be stuck on beta mode.


Yes sure, It will be the same app with the same things :wink:

I hope so. App creators mainly post on IOS first and that drives me crazy

dom said this on his twitter
not totally sure what it means, but i think we have a general idea


Sure we Android users get worse treatment than Apple users sometimes, but thats because people usually in mainstream media like Apple more, so developers try tp make the app on IOS better. But I think Dom really cares about making a good app that people from both operating systems can enjoy equally and create a good community. (This is just my opinion though)


I hope it’s equal for everyone. I saw something earlier in the comments of another post, that was a tweet from dom saying v2 would be on Android, now the wait time for that is another story and I’m the wrong person to tell it.

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snapchat is soo poor on android compared to ios i really hope dom has his team working on a stable android version aswell providing similar quality with the ios version