Will invites go out at the same time?

Does anyone know if everyone who signed up for beta testing today will be sent an invite at the same time as those of the first. Will everyone who signed up today get their invite after those who signed up for the first, or will they be at the same time.

hopefully it’ll be at the same time, considering the sign-ups being relatively close to each other, however anything might happen because they mentioned how friends and family are already beta testing the app


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i can imagine they will be at the same time

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Oh, thanks for changing it. I didn’t even realize that it was in feature requests. I was looking at posts in general discussion and thought it would automatically post there.

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haha no worries! easy mistake :kissing_closed_eyes:

I would assume that since they are gonna be rolling out beta to everyone that it will be separate groups at a time. That way the servers won’t overload with a giant wave of new users crashing the app since after all its only in the beta phase. For everyone that signed up under the qualifying conditions you will get beta. Just maybe not as early or late as other people it all depends.

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The current beta topic says that it is the sign up for the “first beta”

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