Will Dom make a V2 Account

Does anyone think @dom will make a V2 account?

And if so what kinds of content do you think he’d post?


Yes definitely but probably won’t post anything, most likely just updates on the app and tips/ticks.


Dom will be like Tom from MySpace and be everyone’s friend lmao


He sure will be there. Not sure if he will post anything, but could be fun.

Ya probably just updates ur right. But I’ll still follow him

Omg that would be so awkard to know that he’s watching the V’s we post :joy:

Omg that’d be amazing if he posted a V

I never think that, i dont know if he have it will be in anonymous

That’s true. He would probably just make an account but not let anyone know he has one

I think it would be nice if he liked some posts or commented every once in a while

Yeah, ikr.

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That would be cool

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