Will Dom abandon V2/ Will V2 kill itself?

Wait! Before you start typing of course not, he would never do that, there’s a reason I ask- I’ve been researching why vine failed and I came across an article stating this:

At the management level, Vine was rarely stable for long. Hofmann (@dom) quit in 2014 to pursue a new startup. —— followed him out the door later that year. Twitter laid off ———, who was Vine’s creative director, as part of last year’s mass layoffs. (“Don’t sell your company!”, he tweeted on Thursday.) ——— took over Vine in 2014 and led it for two years before quitting this year to work on virtual reality projects at Google. —— became general manager in March after working at a series of music startups. Her lack of previous experience running a company led some employees I spoke with to question whether her hiring might be the beginning of the end.

Does this mean that Dom is just going to leave us again to pursue something new? What do you guys think?

*NOTE: Where there are “———“ those are the names of employees that I have chose to not include in this post. *


Isn’t it a little early to be asking this


Read the article

I have learned with any project (new social media or app included) would require the right peope to work on it and the right habits to achieve that work. Both seem easier said than done, I know that; it definitely was a problem when the team had different goals and aspirations that led to Vine’s outcomes

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I did but the app isn’t even out yet

If he leave I will cry. I’ve already shed so many tears over vine I better not have to shed any over V2.

But on a real note I doubt he will make the same mistake twice.

That’s why the question stands. Edit- he’s founded and quit a project before- simply asking what are your thoughts of him doing it again.

He recently posted on here about the possibility of selling it which he pretty much said never say never.

Of course, anything is possible. I’m positive he won’t get discouraged into selling if he believes in his vision and V2 and has a staff and community that follows him through all the way; he’s going to be a leader whether he knows it or not, and I’ll stand beside him with his decision

That makes sense, the oooh something shiny concept is at play here- he founded vine and left for a new startup.

And I would understand if he did again as long as he let us know in a professional manner

I don’t think he would, he’s been really active and kind of hyped for this, This is his new project, and he will stay until he finishes it. But can’t tell what will happen few years later.

No, he’s been making this happen for us & it is his project so I doubt he’ll abandon it & let his hard work go to waste

Lol a little heavy on @domat this stage don’t you think bruh

Indeed, but it’s still something to consider. Imagine if you were in his shoes :blush:

I don’t think I’d say Dom abandoned Vine, he just left — for reasons we don’t entirely know — to work on a new project. Maybe he didn’t like the direction Vine was going, maybe he was ready for a new project. Lots of people who code and create move on to other projects, they aren’t always interested in sticking around to manage what they created.

Here’s what he said, just so everyone knows:

This has nothing to do with vine being sold prior to launch

Understood, just thought it’d be nice to know in the off chance someone tries to mention it again

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i run another startup which is essentially my “day job”, so i’m pretty fulfilled on that front. v2 is being built out of love and i’d like for both the service and my involvement with it to live on for a long time.

one more thing about this: any organization that fails when you remove only a handful of people from it is not a well built organization to begin with. so one of our most important responsibilities is trying to build something that continues running smoothly even if parts are removed or replaced. that isn’t solely in reference to me leaving or not leaving, but even more unexpected things like illness or death