Will Byte protect us from this algorithmic content hell?

This is a very interesting article that focuses on TikTok and their content algorithm. It’ll be interesting to see how Byte approaches this “filter bubble” once it starts to become more popular. I believe Vine was fairly immune to this and just showed the content that became popular, but that also made it fairly easy for some to game the system. Seems like an unsolvable problem, but it’ll be interesting to see how Byte handles this.


We’ve had algorithm discussions before. But the main concern was giving everybody a fair chance to be seen.

From what I’ve read in the article, this seems to be politically charged. And politics is a can of worms that leads to arguments and angry people. So is the algorithm your concern or the politics? :eyes:

P.S. the app hasn’t dropped yet. So IDK lol


They used politics as an example, but, what I got from the article was the “filter bubble” and how the algorithm makes your online world smaller and smaller until you are only exposed to the same type of people with the same ideas as you. You’re never exposed to others which fosters extremism.


Whenever I see things like this it just makes me think of the nature of marketing. Get in early before it gets saturated and reap the benefits. It happend with Facebook, Myspace, Snapchat, Twitter, google, and youtube. I’m not a fan of the algorthim, but these companies have to make money at the end of the day. Aint nothing in the article, that hasn’t happened in the past. Every decade there’s some new app, (probably amazon alexa skills in the future) which gets real popping. Remember when web sites we’re a thing? Just got in early and move onto the next thing.