Will byte have jailbreak detection

as many of you know an iOS 13.5 jailbreak is coming tomorrow. will byte ever have jailbreak detection and not work.

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It’s hard to patch up loopholes, but I doubt the detection

Jailbreaking and the Byte community share a lot of the same ideals, so it’d be kinda against the spirit of Byte to do so. But if it is added, I’ll write a tweak to patch it ;)


Honestly the only people I expect to make an app not work because jailbreak is Apple itself, maybe google or microsoft or Nintendo. They all have obvious reasons to prevent jail breakers from using their products.

Lots of apps have jailbreak detection anyways - you’d be surprised (even fast-food apps)

There are some apps that, kinda do have semi-valid reasons for checking for it (apps that deal with sensitive personal data) - but their argument is still flimsy at best. Everyone else should be checking for patched apps rather than a jailbreak, as a jailbreak itself would not implicitly effect anything (Nintendo, for example).

Apple Apps, surprisingly, have historically not contained jailbreak detection