Will byte have an ad campaign?

Despite having over 1 million users on the app in the first couple weeks of it’s release, not too many people are talking about byte on YouTube or even, personally, my school (I’ve been the one introducing the app to all of my friends). That could be because the bytes on the app don’t nearly live up to the best of Vine (no offense to any of you out there, but even the old Viners aren’t bringing their A-game), but it could also be because byte needs an ad campaign. Do we know if there will be advertisements for byte like how TikTok makes and distributes ads (YouTube ads, Time Square ads, etc.)? The app is getting sponsored by Nike, so it’s making money (even if that money is going exclusively to byters, if I’m getting that right), but is there money somewhere else at HQ set aside for adverts?

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I think adverts might be in Byte’s future, but the app has only been out for two weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to see it talked about in more places and overtake TikTok, but Byte just hasn’t been around for that long in the public eye yet. It hasn’t even been a month since its official release, so it feels a bit early to discuss the possibility of Times Square ads.

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The app feels unfinished honestly. It’s buggy and they haven’t implemented all the features yet. I think they’re using this period as like a Beta, then they’ll start promoting when the app is mastered, partner program is ready, etc .