Will Byte Bring Ads Back🤔(in app)

If Byte Does Bring Ads I Think It Should Be A Mix Of How They Did it With Nike(with the like button changing to The Nike Logo and the actual content instead of just Ads) but Also How Tik Tok Does Their Ads When You Open Their App and hashtags Or They Could Put Ads In Channels ( Would Be Great if the ad would be associated with the channel like headspace in soothing or something like that)


I feel like sponsored pages like what they did with Nike would be making a comeback eventually. Those were nonintrusive, and good. Personally im fine with ads cuz that means the app is doing well. lol


I think we should just see what the byte team will do first.


Why the new audience you’ve just gained has no disposable income

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I Was Just Thinking Cos Tik Tok Had Ads But I Really Didn’t Think Of it Like That :thinking: Thanks!

If ads come, Byte will need to be cleaned up. You can’t have #KillMillennials trending while being Sponsored By Nike


the ads are already paid for once they’re on the app, i dont think it matters if people have the money to buy anything being advertised.