Will be people globally getting equal chance on the v2 app?


Yeah that’s what my friends ask me when i tell them about v2 or even vne that is majorly because i am not based in america vne/v2 is known all over america in some other countries but shouldn’t it be global .

For that i think @dom should already start advertising about it so that more people know about it and by the time the app launches it has number of people to sign up from not just U.S. but also all over globally.

PS: the other side of my brain tells me that @dom must have created some marketing strategy and we should just trust on him. LoL


I really agree that building an international community would be key. I am based in Italy and the app is unknown…
Also something like this Regional communities? would make the app work on both global and regional levels


It would be good if there is international advertising, I would love to see V2 commercials in my country


When vine came out, the way I found out it was a thing was just in the app store with no advertising anywhere (UK). Hopefully v2 is advertised better.


yeah @Marko

just hope @dom reads all this!!!

Living in the middle East I can relate , so hopefully it’ll be a viral worldwide success

Agreed! V*ne was always much larger in the states - I’m from Australia and only discovered it from a friend as late as 2015. Let’s get V2 a broader audience!

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LoL, I discovered it after it got dysfunctional. :joy::joy:

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