Will audio accounts be a thing on V2 and how would they survive with the copyright policies?

So, after hearing that V2 is going to be a little stricter with copyright (which is understandable), what do you guys think about accounts that release audios?
For those of you who were unaware, many v-ne users used to make v-nes solely with audio for other people to use in their v-nes. Some of these were original but some of them took other songs and edited them to loop in a nice way.
Do you guys think these accounts would still exist on V2, or would it be too risky for them?

Personally, I wouldn’t start one of these accounts because I’ve had enough (false) copyright issues on youtube channels and etc. before and frankly I wouldn’t want to get into that cycle again, but I’m curious to see what you guys would think about it.


Wondering the same thing, planning to make some music related content.

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I was discussing this with my friend a second ago. I honestly have no idea how this will work out. I would like there to be music accesibility because it would be more fun, however copyright will be a problem. Dom is a smart guy. He will work something out so our creativity is not limited

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They will have to adapt and evolve :wink:

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Copyright is a difficult problem to solve


I know this. But It would be sick to see people incorporating music in their vines to add a bit of spice to it.


Yes you’re right, but you have to remember that Vine was created 5 years ago and now the things have changed

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Very true. The problem with copyright is that the limitations and barriers are very blurry and not very clearly defined. It is stated somewhere that if the music is impacting a creator to lose money by having copyright on another video somewhere else. its copy right infringement however with v2 where the videos will be from 2 to 6.5 seconds long, it does not prevent the creator of the music from earning money off of it.


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I wish we don’t get Copyright in V2.

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hmm… I see your point but then again Copyright is very important in protection of original content, etc.

Y not leave credits or something like how those music channels do on youtube

what a shame… it would be way better if V2 wasn’t with copyright at all and everyone could be as creative as the want

Yeah but who might want to steal a song? its just 6 second video we do it for fun only.

It still doesn’t resolve the problem. Copyrighted content is copyrighted, you can’t just get away with using someone else’s stuff by leaving their name in a description.

People who do fandom edits etc.

But u aren’t gonna monetize it, it’s not like on youtube. So you won’t be profiting from the music

Hey y’all I was here​:joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s still copyrighted, whether monetised or not