Why Your Dreams Can Come True (Thoughts?)

I see a lot of doubt here on the forums as to whether or not one will get big on this app or not, but I’d argue we all have an equal chance. The simple reason, why is that the app will be brand new, when it releases. As long as one is consistently posting content on the app, and socializing on it, every day, while treating it like a BUSINESS, then the chances of making it are there. We all wish we had been on vine, youtube, or instagram, when it first launched. I feel like byte will be that same opportunity for the early adopters. With that being said, success will on this app will be given to those who EARNED it, not the ones fiddling their thumbs thinking about it.

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If your truly trying to jumpstart being a content creator you have to plan beforehand because jumping in blindly will only leave you in everyone else’s shadow


No one started out perfect in the beginning. Look at your favorite content creators who are successful first posts, and they’re probably vastly inferior to what they are now. One can always improve. No one started learning how to ride a bike in the beginning, one has just do it.

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