Why you should watch Stephen Chow film

Stephen Chow is a famous Hong Kong/Chinese actor that is a legendary comedian. Mr. Chow’s humor is a brand what we call Mo Lei Tau or Nonsense humor its like the best of slap stick comedy into a modern film.Mo Lei Tau is what you expect its random comedic moments in the film that is sometimes has no meaning or progression to the film but this is what makes Chow’s movies so damn funny. My favorite films from him are Shaolin Soccer, The Flirting Scholar God of Cookery, and Kung Fu Hustle.

Here are some clips


This kinda dead frfr


like Adlibs 2


It was informative. Watching movies like Mystery of Chess Boxing i don’t think I would have noticed these more comedic style films. There’s a lot of action in what I like with short comedy skits, but they’re not as random as some of what @kenkat101 shared.


Third clip had me thinking of coyote and roadrunner cartoons. Espeically with those animated running legs. Feel like chinese films like mixing both the real world elements and animated elements together in a live movie, if that makes sense