Why we still hoping for v2, 🤔

Are we still hoping for v2 are we using other platforms, I think we should move on because it can take years for v2 to be back open, so why still hoping for v2 why not move on yall gone be 40years old is hoping for v2

Ps: move on to other apps

Ps: I’m sorry


Nah I’m good.



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No ones stopping you from moving. If someone wants to move on, thats their choice.

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Loads of people for some reason see Dom as God and see V2 as the only thing to save the world, so they refuse to move on. I think they feel that if they don’t use any other platform, it will make Dom love them or something, or it shows their ‘loyalty’ to v2, when in actual fact, it just shows a lack of knowledge (For those who want to be big on social media and are waiting for v2, which hasn’t been given any sort of time frame. Meaning it could come out tomorrow, or in 25 years due to the postpone). But hey, each to their own I guess.


Best answer!!!.. straight facts

i am still hoping but i am a little doubtful. in the meantime, i am using Oevo.

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I dont see Dom as God. I respect him as a creator because its hard to do things like computer programming and creating apps. I’d like to see you attempt to do the things he does. As for thinking V2 is life’s solution, I dont. Im just interested in the app and have been for a while. I use other apps to fulfill my V2 needs. Dom specifically told us that we should resort to using similar apps to vine as V2 is postponed.


I, for one, think that because v2 is what we’ve been waiting for, we cannot simply drop it after the postponement.

We loved the original :vine:, and are waiting for that same experience. If we just “wanted to be big” or whatever similar reasons, we would use Oevo or any other copycat apps.

Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Oevo, Vero, Facebook, MySpace, PUBG, Microsoft Office, Tesla Model X, whatever else, etc are not what we’re looking for.

I, and I’m sure the rest of us, want the :vine: experience again.

If it means we gotta keep waiting, we’ll wait.


Yes I agree

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i also just like the environment of the forums…


I’m not expecting people to drop the app. You don’t need to drop an app in order to use another one. What I’m saying is, if someone is truly passionate about making entertaining their career, they wouldn’t be sitting around waiting for an app that could come out in 30 years. It simply isn’t smart. And if you think that waiting around and not doing anything to better yourself is a smart idea, and you’d like to become an entertainer in the future, you’re going to have an incredibly difficult life because it shows that you aren’t smart business wise, which you need when having a career within social media.

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Implying that people only use social media to become popular/start a career.

Look, I know you joined these forums recently, but please read some more topics before making general assumptions about those of us who are waiting, and will continue to wait for v2.

If you actually read my earlier post, you wouldn’t be making these flawed statements.

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Tbh I’ve became more optimistic about this V2 project after Dom’s recent update in the forums and on twitter with his video of how V2’s interface is looking like, PLUS the color of the app

It’s more than what we’ve got for a couple of months and it makes me happy and excited again

Especially when I completely understand his point of view for “re-newing” some ideas for the app because of the unintended craziness V2 initially had with certain audiences

Dom encouraged us to use other apps and to not read into anything too soon. Such a process to get things just right isn’t short. It’s all a matter of fact that we enjoyed Vine so much that we’re gonna support the person who found the app, because we know what’s capable of being the next big thing :woman_shrugging:t4:


I never made a general assumption that everyone on this forum wants to become social media famous though? What is up with you people just making up random points and trying to put words into my mouth. Also, I’m not new. Just made a forum account recently.


I never made a general assumption that everyone on this forum wants to become 
social media famous though?

Read your own posts, bud.

There’s nothing really to move on to, any apps that are similar to what vine was are not that good and don’t have much of an audience. I’m happy to wait for whatever dom has in store for us, plus I like talking to everyone on the forums anyway :smile:


True true

Crowdfunding the app is a good idea imo