Why to NOT wait for byte to come out

I’ve seen a few posts about how many ideas people have, and has anyone started filming etc.

Just wanted to say for anyone who hasn’t filmed themselves or been filmed, to start practising.

You don’t want to be LEARNING how to do that when byte comes out, you’ll want to be comfortable making videos etc so that your ideas are executed well! You don’t have to upload the videos, just try to get a feel for it before you start producing the videos that you’ll actually post. It takes some getting used to, and if you aren’t comfortable it’ll show.

Just wanted to make this point, didn’t think it really fit in any other posts, so keep it in mind!


Great thinking, it’s good to be ready so you can start right away and be fully confident.


I’d encourage you all to start filming atleast and posting them on Instagram.

Alot of you might be calm and are waiting for byte to come out so that you start posting there but not many of you know the struggles with starting.

Your videos WILL BE HORRIBLE and I emphasize this cus it’s natural to suck at anything the first time around.

So by already starting now, you would naturally get better and better when byte comes out

Peace. :heavy_check_mark:


Good thinking. Practice and getting a feel for what you’re doing is the difference between a funny byte or a really cringy one.

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I like the approach that you have. I think that is such a great idea, and is very kind of you to do. That’s a concept that not all people quite understand about making content: actually getting comfortable. I found myself making this exact mistake when I used to regularly make videos and they were not great so thank you.:raised_hands:t4::ok_hand:t4:

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Great advice! I can tell you will be on top of things when the app comes out :+1:

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Sure, suppose so!

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