Why the switch from loops to seconds?

I’m curious what the logic was behind this, will loops still be counted for something in our stats or does that go in the crapper?

And will seamless loops/looping still be a thing? Or is video going to be adjust for watch time and we’re going to get that ugly skip that TikTok and clash have. I mean that’s one of the best thing about this app tbh, is the seamless loops. I know there talk about going longer, okay fine, but I hope that seamless looping will still be in place.


that’s what im worried about that too loops is what makes byte unique. Hopefully it would not disrupt the looping it might encourage more people to watch a loop


I like it because if people are spamming 2 second videos now, they’ll get more loops and the algorithm may think that you enjoy that video because you gave it a lot of loops, but that may not be the case. However, with this update, the algorithm should be more catered more towards you because it’ll see how long you watched the video and I guess the longer you’ve watched it, the more you enjoy it and the more bytes like that will pop up on your mix feed. So instead of giving a two second video 5 loops by accident, you’ll only be giving it 10 loops (seconds) and that is much lower compared to an averaged length video (like 6 seconds ish which would be 35 seconds if you watched it 5 times). Sorry for the long post but I think it’s a pretty neat idea! Also, I may be getting to ahead of myself here, but it could be used for potential monetization requirements down the line like YouTube idk these were just some of my thoughts on this


They could have that in the algorithm but it should still show loops on the videos for the users tbh


Yeah maybe a toggle between what you would wanna see would be cool but still keep it in the algorithm like you said


Yeah I wish the watch time got thrown under the hood and maybe put in some sort of analytics. Loops are nice and it gives me a estimate of my ‘reach’. (but this is coming from a creator stand point vs a consumer)


i think it’s a good idea because it helps longer bytes get more loops. my only concern is how they’ll throttle it. i think loops have a 15 loop limit per account before a cool down. how will they do this with seconds because if longer bytes get looped as many times as a short byte, the seconds count may go over a limit.


I can see the arguments for and against it. Right now, loops would tell you how many people committed to watching your byte all the way through, so you can see how far your reach is as far as people willing to consume your content in its entirety. However, what you can’t see right now is how many people click away or partial watch, which would be great to know for Byters analytically so you can experiment with different bytes, collect data, and do what’s best for your brand from there.

Similarly, adding the ability to count partial views/watchtime into the algorithm now is a good thing, because it makes the system smarter. It prevents trash posts with no effort such as a wall of text most scroll past from going viral, and allows truly entertaining creators who make content that engages others because they’re actually good, a better chance at reaching appreciative viewers.

Plus watch time and all these stats will be GREAT for showcasing your value to sponsors for monetization, and make you look more attractive to brands because you show quality and are thus being rewarded for it with an engaged audience.

I want seamless looping to stay forever, and hope it doesn’t go beyond 30~ seconds for bytes. The fact they’re so short makes it very unique, challenging, and addictive.


The seamless looping tech is already there, so, I doubt it’ll go away with longer videos.

The seconds watched actually makes more sense, and will probably be used by the algorithm. It’ll actually discourage people from making long videos unless they make it compelling enough for people to watch the whole thing, because if a lot of people don’t watch the whole video, that will inform the algorithm that maybe people aren’t liking the video. So people who use the full video length just because they can won’t get much visibility on the Your Mix page.

I think this is a good thing to encourage shorter videos while still giving people the option for longer videos if they really need it.


I hope they come up with a compromise like they usually do here. Because like @Benf said it makes sense to have time watched displayed. But what if they were to show time watched and loops gathered at the same time? I see plenty of empty space next to the already loop county / possible new time counter to fit.

Also plenty of more room to add things in the :star2: star analytics dashboard too.


also if you look close you can see a hidden byte logo on the two things I added too :3

:red_circle: time watched :repeat: loops lol

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Wait how did I miss this news?


When did this happen? I dont have that update?


Which update version is this?

  • iOS Beta
  • Droid Beta
  • iOS store
  • Play store
  • Secret double probation edition

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Seriously though, I show beta is 3.4 and iOS is 3.4

wth…why were loops taken away? that is part of what makes byte so unique and gives it the vine feel. i really like seeing the number of loops, this is sad tbh.

and i hope seamless loops stay or it will just be another video app :disappointed:


My little :nerd_face: brain is desperate for some more analytics.

There’s so much more info I want to know on the performance of different bytes.


Yeah now that I see this change in action on the latest beta I must say that I really don’t like it.

Seconds don’t really tell me anything about how good a post is doing, and it just complicates everything by showing a big number that is kind of confusing to an ordinary user. Heck, it’ll be even more confusing when a longer time limit gets introduced. Loops are way easier to interpret in my opinion.

Oh and I can’t (nor do I think anybody else would) bother guessing the length of a byte, and then dividing it by the number of seconds watched to get the amount of loops that a byte has (which would be a flawed method to use anyways).

I’d say maybe add a stats button on videos that the post creator can click on which will show stuff like seconds watched (just like how you currently click on a stats button to see how many followers you have).

Either way, I’m pretty sure that there is no need to show seconds watched for it to be a thing in the algorithm.

That’s just my take on this change.


Personally, for me, it’s always been about the loops. Quality content that loops. Everything else can be thrown off the plane.


I think I see what you’re on about @Benf, it does make sense to show the amount of time spent watching byte videos, it makes the algorithm more fair among videos with different lengths, giving longer videos a chance to shine as much as shorter ones.

But I agree with everyone else that the loops are a key factor that made byte stand out from other apps and by taking that away, it ruins bytes overall identity that makes everyone fall in love with byte and could be the start of a migration out of byte that will scar byte in the coming months.

I strongly suggest that you keep the hour:minute:second time frame for byte videos in how long it was watched for “for the algorithm”, but add the number of loops back in, everyone seemed to like that and just removing it is just gives people one less reason to like byte :confused:


Exactly this. Keep it in the algorithm but show the number of loops on the videos.

Maybe if you (as the post creator) click a statistics (maybe analytics is a more appropriate word) button on the video you could see things like seconds watched, average watch time, most popular sources from where people clicked on your video (from profile, latest feed, category feeds, your mix, following feed, etc…) as well as other things.