Why showing following count is useless

If I had a decently large following, I would feel pressured to display that if other people were doing so even though I would prefer not to overall. I’d call that pressure potentially harmful

Idk. Maybe I’m in the minority, but even if I did have a large following or a following comparable to others showing theirs I still wouldn’t show mine. I don’t think people who dont show their followers would be assumed to have small followings, because you can look at the # of likes to get an idea. If anything people would overestimate. Personally, showing followers enters yourself to be compared to everyone else showing followers and that’s pointless to me. Also don’t personally feel the need to show my follower # to like thank people because so many of that number probably aren’t even active anymore so it’s not even a good representation of the actual # of people watching your videos all the time. I think it’s fine if it’s a choice, but I wouldn’t assume people not showing theirs to be doing so because they have small followings.


Agreed - engagement is more important anyway when brands come into the picture.


A good way to prevent all the angst of whether to show followers or not, and all the clout-chasing that goes along with it, is to just keep things the way they are.

A lot of new people who start using the app find this jarring at first, but usually end up liking it. Many of the TikTokers who just arrived are becoming used to it and realizing how it makes the app feel more about community and a lot less about clout. Sure, people post screen caps of their stats or put the count in their bios, but, that has a lot less impact than having it displayed officially on their profile page.

I believe Dom mentioned that displaying follower counts will likely be added, but it’ll be optional. As soon as a bunch of people start displaying that, there will be a wave of others who do the same even if they initially were fine with it not being displayed. I’m on the side of not wanting to display that info, but who knows how I’ll feel if I see lots of others making that info public.

One thing is for sure, it’ll be a big shift in the culture of the community once it happens.


Just in case you’re curious, 69 people follow me and I follow 420.
These are legitimate numbers.


Showing the follower count is negative peer pressure.

I’d much rather it stay focused on loops and :heartpulse:


I think followers should be an extension of your private parts in that you’re the only one who should see them and you should be proud of it no matter what it looks like.

If you are not swayed by my argument then you are the unreasonable one.


wait but when u do it other ppl see ur parts :heart_eyes_cat:


Addison what did I tell you about going close to the fountains. :pouting_cat:

shut up ricekrispies ur not contributing to the discussion :pouting_cat:

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Oh I just got what you meant :eye::lips::eye:

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THISSSS!!! I felt that so much

I still think showing followers would be the worst choice they make. People are too superficial and the ones that say they don’t care about numbers ALWAYS have a bunch of followers and likes. Like when instagram took away likes all the IG models and IG f*ckbois were PISSED.

Followers is the new of hierarchy on social media and it lessens a persons creative drive to post cause it’s like, someone (TikTokers) can be so uncreative and unoriginal, but yet they still have so many followers. And I believe that’s only because people follow them based on physical attractiveness and conventional beauty. Meanwhile someone with a talent or skill gets overlooked and has a smaller following count.


no ones gonna talk about my post smh

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maybe the option to show followers should be there for people who want to display it, but it could be turned off by default for all users? Those who want their followers count public already make bytes about it, so there is demand for this feature.

I get the whole idea behind not showing it, but I think it is bad for the growth of the platform. The whole appeal behind TikTok was that it made you feel like you could become a star - anyone could go viral and gain a following from it. As vain as that sounds, that attracts more people, in which means more content. And more content means better and more diverse communities, a better algorithm to show you videos you want to see and overall a better experience.

Oh I’m still thinking about it


Go look on byte.

People from TT are talking more about how much :heart: & interaction on byte vs what they’ve gotten over TT.

I’ve gotten more :heart: in the past week by far.

I don’t get a lot of followers. :man_shrugging:

But I’m happier with the :heart:, sincere comments & loops I’ve gotten.

Showing the followers is what turned Instagram into bot central. F4F and Pay :moneybag: for followers ruined it.

If you aren’t already a big player, or fit the demographic on IG your choices are to buy ads or hope you somehow go viral.

Idk I’ve seen countless videos with people sharing how many followers they’ve gotten when they joined byte. It’s an important number to many tiktokers, and it encourages them to continue putting effort into making more content on Byte.

As for bots, I don’t think it will be as big of a problem on here because accounts can only be made by linking to an Apple of Google account. Probably cuts down on number of bots this way, but I could be wrong.

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