Why showing following count is useless

so i surprisingly see a lot of people asking for follower visibility which i find kind of not healthy since the moment our followings get shown a lot of hierarchy will start to spread and people will start to grow egos and stop interaction plus i never found the importance of having ones numbers in public so let’s keep it like tumblr and have our followings and followers private that way ppl wont care abt how their following ratio looks
who agreed ?


I am curious about how many people I follow though.


I like my follower count being invisible (I still am showing it in my bio HAHHAHAHAH :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: ) it’s the first time that I don’t care about followers :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart: I‘m following too many people actually I don’t want to know that number


Ya I’m as curious as everyone else but I don’t believe it’s healthy. A couple months ago everyone showed off their follower counts and they are just flexing and masking it as being thankful, now the teens are here and it’s their turn to do it. They want follower counts turned on to say who’s better than who and I don’t believe it comes with a healthy intention.

Human psychology will tell you that people make the decision to follow someone on social media their brains put them through a test to determine if they are worth following based on how many people already follow them. There’s no reason to put that extra difficulty on lower creators to boost the egos of more popular ones. Good content is good content.


I think it should stay hidden. I love tumblr, and asides from some of the other reasons, one of them is exactly what you said: I have NO IDEA which of the accounts I follow are big or small or whatever. No number influences my decision to follow, or to interact! Who knows what blogs I’d be demotivated from commenting on/sending messages if I saw they are huge…

It’s definitely also unhealthy (anyone remember how instagram said so themselves?) and it promotes a weird hierarchy.


it was originally supposed to be a choice and i believe thats still the plan


i 100% agree with the points both @Beeshrine @LittleDewDroplets made about how ppl base to follow someone off of who follows them so @dom not displaying the follows it’s so convenient and fresh

I think that it’s easier to have a community when people don’t have arbitrary numbers to put above other people and compare themselves to. I think us humans have a weird primal relationship with numbers and overvalue what it says about each other.


i agree more on the fact that follower account dosen’t matter that much for engagement. Plus the byte partner program pays based off loops not followers


Does it? Haven’t heard that before


I think having the option to show is the most balanced. I show mine mostly out of gratitude and it’s no longer an exact count… but we all know that numbers matter to many. Like advertisers. And those who are more established in the Industry looking to collaborate.

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I’m all for not posting follower counts.

One problem on IG is if your followers to how many you follow ratio isn’t “good” it affects your earning potential as an “influencer”

I’ve been told by some agencies if you have more than 100 people you follow, it disqualifies you.

One thing I liked about Vero was the idea of Loops (I think).
Connections: (private posts)

  • Close Friends -personal moments
  • Friends - social moments
  • Acquaintances - big public moments you want to broadcast

Followers (Everyone can see)

byte is doing something similar with the following and your mix tabs. I like that I know I can see every one I follow in chronological order, but then have a feed I have some control over in your mix.

Or I can go look at a channel or even just search through latest.

So much better than :bird: where no matter how many times you change it to latest, it goes back to the other view.

And IG is just a :wastebasket: :fire: at this point.


yes. It’s like youtube in the sense, the number of subscribers don’t in of itself get dont get you revenue. It’s more a clout thing

I like keeping it hidden, similar to how I like that instagram hides their likes. But I know its a super split topic opinion wise, so as long as its made as an individual choice (whether it is shown or not), I guess thats good enough for me


I don’t really think the optional part would really help. Someone else mentioned it in a different forum post here, but it might be implied if you hide your follower count, it’s because you don’t have many followers. As in, popular people will display it with pride, but hiding it would just imply to others that you aren’t popular.

I don’t think I explained that all that great…I would quote the other person that said it but there’s so many posts right now I doubt I could find it :dizzy_face:


I don’t think that’s necessarily true for everyone. I’m sure there are plenty of people who would choose this option bc of principle… meaning they don’t want you supporting them for a superficial reason like follower count and could care less what people think.

Big disagree @Abbyiguess
There are so many people on Instagram that worry about their following ratios.
I wish what you said is true. Yes there are some people who would keep it hidden out of principle, but I think that would be few and many of those that would hide would be pressured into showing if others started showing.

I said that’s not necessarily true for everyone. So giving the option to hide it or not might be a good idea

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Of course it’s not true for everyone. But the minority of people who would keep it hidden out of principle would likely be small and be put at a disadvantage

I get what you’re saying, I do. What I mean is, that small group of people most likely wouldn’t consider it a disadvantage. So no harm, no foul. If that makes sense.

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