Why OEVO won’t take over, and V2 will be fine


I’ve seen so so many topics/threads these past few days about “omg I’m going to OEVO and im tired of waiting for V2” “why can’t Dom just release the app already!!” Etc etc.
Here’s the thing.
I don’t remember his exact words but Dom clearly said that he was fearing the execution of the app would be poor, and that is the direction it was headed if he didn’t postpone the creation of it.
A good example of what the app could’ve been is OEVO (throwing them under the bus whoopdeedoo).

  1. It hasn’t really established a healthy community, the big creators/ creators In general are payed to be on the app
  2. Super laggy and slow (even Jason Nash who promotes OEVO and has the biggest following on it has joked multiple times about how the app just dOesn’t work
  3. The creators of the app have undebatably bad/ malicious intentions (I mean like damn if u saw the notif they sent out that said “bye Vine and V2, OEVO is here to stay” LIKE REALLY WAS THAT NECESSARy

To have a good app/ social media platform you need: a good community, passionate creators motivated solely by themselves & others (not by money), good layout, useful features, and a good connection with the creator of the app & the creator(s) using it.

Dom is working very very hard to make this the best he can, so all we can do is support him & continue building a positive community on the forum.

oNce again this is my SECOND super long post of the day, so if u read all the way down I’m super duper impressed. Now go read a book or something, maybe drink some water, you’re probably dehydrated.


wow gee how did you know that I was dehydrated, youRE A FORTUNE TELLER THATS HOW

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I feel like people on oevo are only in it for the money… I don’t know why but I have a feeling cause it’s kinda ‘blowing’ up right now. They just seem, idk, kinda fake but I still love Jason!


you’re preachin facts


THanks my dude


yesS. Thanks 4 this, cuz this is really what makes a good social media app! gr9!!


if you feel thirsty you’re already dehydrated. also im fuckin PARCHED

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Factssss :clap:t2:

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I keep downloading then deleting this app all the time. I want to give it a chance but I agree, it seems to be getting a lot of support from the famous Viners that used to own the soc. med. game. I wasn’t the worst Viner but I never felt I was given a real chance to shine because of there not really being a sense of community. I hear of a few apps down the line that may be more this was, I hope. Back on topic, Oevo seems tacked together with Gorilla Tape and bubble gum. It won’t last forever.


I tried OEVO but its very poor.


it pays and its actually a good community. i dont think dom is building an app for v2 anymore he used the words indefinitely thats why people are changing their minds and using other apps. Im seeing alot of people from this forum join and post their v2 content… i think a community takes time to build though it doesnt happen right away… i remember vine was not the best in the first few months until twitter promoted it everywhere on twitter.

so i really thought oevo deserved a chance… just my opinion guys.

Completely agree. People are so quick to disregard Oevo for their lack of community. No social media app develops a community within like it’s first year. Vine didn’t. Youtube didn’t. Facebook still hasn’t. Twitter still hasn’t. Instagram still hasn’t. Only reason there is a sense of community on v2 is because of these forums. No other popular social media app had forums around for half a year before the app was launched. I think people at this point are beginning to nitpick at everything with Oevo. People are saying that the Oevo creators are just in it for the money… however their intentions are the exact same as Vine and v2’s was - to create short, interesting videos. If they’re paying people to promote the app and use it, that isn’t a bad thing.

I mean, people are making Oevo out to be this god-awful app that was created by evil, malicious, money-hungry people. But really, it’s the exact same as vine/v2, just more laggy.

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The biggest problem with OEVO is they way they conduct. Personally, I do not give a flying *** about bugs especially during the beginning stages. I understand how difficult coding can be and how easily problems can come about in that aspect.

What makes me want to vomit is how the conduct themselves. They started off by blatantly lying lmfao. lying that they were V2 lmfao. Then when they got called out they switched over to say V2 was never going to happen. “V2 is fake, it’s a scam, blahblah”

They bought a shit ton of fake followers. they create fake accounts to further their agenda. Literally just found another account they created on twitter to berate users that have a problem with their poor application. What professional and trustworthy team does that?

aside from paying old viners that will accept them, they pay fake accounts with “large” (but fake) followings to promote them as if that is going to do anything. Fake social proof is worse then no social proof but you’d think business men would know that.

You can’t trust ANY positive reviews because they blatantly say they will pay you for reviews lmfao. If this was any other company or product, people would accept how sketchy and abhorrent those actions are for a company but alterior motives just keep people from accepting that. I don’t know why people keep sitting here and pretending any of that is okay.

If you’re going to use a vine alternative, use Cheez. But of course, if you want the money, use oevo.

If I being completely honest, what’s 100% suspect to me is the fact that they have “all of this money”, yet cant idk fund a proper team to improve the UI and fix the countless bugs? They’re paying a lot to get people on their application that requires connection with your bank accounts and social media accounts (which it requires full access over which is no reputable app will ever request full access unless it’s meant to take over your account). I’m not going to continue on but I know if this were any other kind of app that people didn’t feel they needed, none of that would be ignored :woman_shrugging:


Same it’s not fun :confused:

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I agree, we are a passionate community. We’ve got a dream and a goal which is not always is fame and money, we are here to meet people, to make someone smile.


Yeah I created an Oevo account to see how overhyped it really was. After like 10 tried it FINALLY let me log on, a lot of the videos wouldn’t even load, and the few that DID load were by familiar v*ners who were being paid to use it… ((and please pardon my next words)) they weren’t funny, didn’t even get a smile or chuckle outta me.

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oevo had the audacity to promote their services on here after they just dragged v2! not 100% if it is them but it sounds like something their CEOs would do.


oveo is the IOI industries of the short video community. V2 is the oasis. Dom is Halliday.


I am not surprised! Definitely not surprised lmfao and love the attempted gaslighting hahaha but :coffee:

can’t even entertain that lmfao


Not really, the intent was different. I’m pretty sure part of the reason Dom wanted to make V2 was also for the community that missed Vine. I assume that’s why he suggested using other apps in the meantime. OEVO literally just tried to rip away at V2 as much as possible.

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