Why my ass so fat?

having to carry this dump truck around 24/7 has given me a reverse-slouch and decreased my quality of life.
why does having such a fat ass hurt me so badly.


Give me some i have none

Im so sorry to hear. If it helps, i can take a look at that magnificent busty ass of yours and see if you qualify for a dump truck license.


this aint the salvation army.
sorry sweaty <3

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oh im certified believe me

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i think you should ask your fat ass that question

its got too much attitude yknow.
All it does it clap back.


Dude your videos are like a Skyrim play through because all we see is your hands in first person. Can we get some EVIDENCE because I think you’re taking the forums for a ride right now

woah ok. I’m flattered but at least buy me dinner first :flushed:

ik your pain :weary:

Hip pain or shoulder pain the struggle of having dump truck and big tiddays

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the everyday struggle just can never be truly understood.

godspeed solider.