Why ive been off


these 2 past weeks have been rough and I have missed out on a lot of things. i feel like i owe you all an explanation. no, i did not quit nor am i quitting.

recently, I have had a lot of health issues. nothing too severe, though. the main reason is because along with this, I’ve had a lot to go through recently. One of my ibfs who I have known for years has recently been admitted to hospital with covid 19, and it fucking sucks. i havent even been able to tell my other friends about it because i dont even know where to start.

anyways… heres just a small lil rant about people not using masks

if u dont use a mask outside, FUCK U. FUCK U FUCK U FUCK U. ur so fucking selfish and ignorant. i dont care what fucking health issues u have, if u cant wear a mask STAY INSIDE. im sick of people going outside to parks without a mask because I see it so often. BECAUSE OF UR BULLSHIT MY BEST FRIEND HAS COVID 19. THEYRE IN HOSPITAL. i dont care if u reply to this forum post with ur shitty excuses for not wearing a mask becaus ei dont fucking care at this point. fuck everyone, fuck everything.



ill try to be on more often now that Ive got this off my chest to help me cope. love yall.

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Wishing you and your friend the best. Don’t worry about the app. It’ll be here, we’ll all be here when you’re ready to come back. Speedy recovery. Hang in there. :pray:


don’t worry sweets, we will be here whenever you return. the important thing is you take care of your health and be there for your friend in whatever way you can. i hope they recover quickly and you feel better soon. :heartbeat::heavy_heart_exclamation:

you should play this loudly next to anyone not wearing a mask in public… :smirk: