Why is this here

My opinion is to take away the spotlight and new and trending section then replace it with something else because I really don’t see the point of those sections. (hashtags)

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it is what it is


Personally, I like the spotlight category. It’s a good variety and hand picked so it’s good quality. Also I think it helps when people are new to byte to start off there and see some of the best current bytes and different styles.


I mean in my opinion spotlight is debatably the best category and it would be shame for it to go and not gonna lie I don’t remember when the last time I used new and trending was but I feel like it would be good section once the app picks up so I think it should also stay


I use both semi frequently! I like seeing what content is out there, but searching through the latest tab to find out what’s good is. Hard. New and trending seems do a pretty good job of giving me that.
I also love spotlight.


I think Byte should kill Popular and rename “New and Trending” to “Popular” so that it’s not always the most popular that is most visible. This lets the people who don’t normally get as much exposure have a higher chance for exposure (this is coming from someone who consistently makes it up).

However, there is the debate that the “arguably lower quality Bytes showing up in popular will detract from initial app experiences”.

E.g. “This @lacieyl guy is popular?! why???” - new user 1

Spotlight for the past few months has been used predominantly to feature smaller creators that have made something cool, and I think that’s cool.


What they really need to get rid of is the Popular Now page. We now have Spotlight, New & Trending, Latest and Your Mix in addition to Popular Now. It’s too much. Get rid of it all and just keep Your Mix. The rest is unnecessary and confusing.


I second this, explore page looks busy with all of those categories. I personally use News & Trending a lot versus the popular tab, getting rid of popular tab would help. :slightly_smiling_face:


The point of the spotlight section is to spotlight trending hashtags like trends in a way. Limited time events are like events to participate in and have fun and engage with many other in a more solid official byte trend in many creative ways. New and trending is to get newer byters more engagement while also sharing the <3 with bigger byters to under the same category.


I think the topic categories are fine, btw, except for the ones that aggregate all posts, such as New & Trending, Popular Now and Latest, and to some extent even Spotlight. Your Mix provides all the discovery the app needs. Then the Search page can be the current promoted hashtags plus the topic categories. That’s more than enough, IMO.


we’re going to remove popular now in a redesign of that tab soon but spotlight is here to stay


Redesign soon :eyes:

Wow, really?? Great to hear that Popular Now will finally be gone soon. I do like Spotlight, so, glad it’s staying, but I rarely use anything else on the Search page myself, I mostly look at Your Mix now because it’s pretty good at showing me new content from people I follow and don’t follow.

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i personally am a huge fan of spotlight. popular is okay, but spotlight is handpicked by the byte team and it really shows something special in my eyes. also redesign soon??? hmmmm could it be profile blocks finally? lol

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I love spotlight. I go there every time I open the app. Since it’s all hand picked, there’s always an interesting variety that’s not tied to popularity. Some great Bytes that really deserve to be seen would remain in obscurity if not for spotlight.


Yes sir just as a knew would be the case!