Why is engagement on TikTok poor?

Any avid TikTok user or expert here care to explain how some accounts having a large number of followers only get a fraction of the engagement and barely any comments?

it looks like only a few of their posts that make it to the “for you” page gain the most traction.


The for you page is used more than the follower page.


That’s an interesting take… i do find myself on the For you page for like the first half of my time spent on the app, then I shift to the Followings tab.


Too true, discoverability on TikTok is not super easy so I spend most my time on the fyp as well. Creates a new problem as this then really starts to narrow my exposure pretty fast as I begin liking vids and such. So every few days I go in and do some active searching to expand and reset what’s streaming in my feed. I’m also super careful about following people because that also seems to narrow content I see as well.

I find it interesting, would love to look under the hood…


I think Sam is right, most people spend more time on the For You page than looking at their Followers page. And for some reason, if just one video goes viral on TikTok, you can get tons of new followers who then rarely see anything else you post unless it also lands on the For You page. It’s weird.

It’s also interesting how videos with few likes or comments can appear on the For You page. I find this encouraging as it means anyone’s videos have a chance to be seen by people even if you don’t have a lot of followers or likes on a video. I hope a similar algorithm is built into Byte.