Why is Byte called Byte and what is the relation to Bytedance?

Honestly just thought the name was weird considering its the name of the company that owns TikTok.

byte was the name of another Dom’s app but he ended this old app and brought the byte we know now to life, no relation to bytedance


The name byte was made as a reference to the size of the videos on the platform, it’s different enough that it isn’t really an issue in the grand scheme, people know TikTok, not ByteDance.


the name and the logo of the app are from one of doms other apps

Woah what was the old app

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I honestly don’t know why I didn’t look there


Wow they even kept the same logo

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there’s a few topics here, too if you search “byte 2015” “old byte app”

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Da hecc was portal?

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i honestly dont know; when i saw that I figured it was going to something different than v2 (it may have been v2/byte)

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