Why inviting the hype house would be a BAD idea

ok gen z millenials lets put our differences aside because ive seen a forum post saying to invite the straight tiktokers and the hype house so im gonna teach you all on why this would be an AWFUL idea

1 - the hype house is always in drama
there was massive drama only a couple days ago and you can also search up on youtube “tiktok tea” “tiktok drama” “hype hous edrama” and you’ll get a TON of results they’re always in drama and it ruined tiktok u dont want that for byte

2 - theyre boring
u want byte to be an app full of creativity, right? well u wont get that with the hype house. they do the same dances over and over again and its all just the same content. if u think gen z’s content is boring and unfunny the hype house will be like watching paint dry for yall

3 - theyve all been in scandals
most if not every single one of them have been in scandals, you can search it on youtube, most of them have said the n word, are toxic n again have been in so many scandals its not even a joke, we want byte to be a good place not filled with the wrong kind of people

so yeah, inviting the hype house is a bad idea, inviting most people from straight tiktok is a bad idea and will ruin byte i promise you, they ruined a huge app like tiktok they can ruin an app like byte too

thanks for reading small little vent about them too

lastly never invite lovely peaches ever i repeat ever if she joins ban her asap i will be able to explain who she is to some of you if you’d like to know


The hype house isn’t invited :heart:


they better not be :heart:

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