Why I'm excited

I am very excited for V2 for quite a lot of reasons but these are the main reasons why.

  1. Simplest one, it’s a fresh start. The app will have a brand new and clean slate.

  2. Allows new creators to get a headstart. V2 will allow creators with talent get recognized more, and have a bigger chance than something like Vine or YouTube.

  3. It will (As stated by Dom) be a nice and clean community without toxicity. And of course I understand that will be a bit hard, but if this actually happens, that will make the platform even better to use!

This was a bit short, but do you guys have any reasons for why you’re excited? Maybe you agree with my reasons? Tell me with a response!


same tbh

This is the reason why I’m most excited about.

We all can have a chance to have a headstart.

There could be toxicity after there’s a lot of people but I hope there won’t. The forum is so nice and friendly,

I agree also I miss v*ne.

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Ikr I want v2 to come out now

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I missed all what vine had to offer, especially many of the creative memes that came out from it! I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of the new app!

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So ready for V2!

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Same bro, an iam very excited because when V*ne die i feel very bad

I am so excited because i have many idea and i think the new vine be better of the old

I can agree with you so much with this! I am so looking forward to be on a clean new fresh app with new people and humour to have a chance to be famous! I don’t even care tbh if I get famous ju st as long as I get to share my stupidity around for gigs

Can’t wait to watch vines like I did in high school but now in college